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The Tiguan Mk3 is the first MQB model to be launched with the newly developed IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlights. The interactive lighting system was also developed in parallel for the premium-class Touareg – both SUVs therefore share the same basic design of the headlights. HD stands for High Definition, meaning a high resolution of the light sources. In the case of the Tiguan, a total of 38,400 multipixel LEDs (19,200 multipixel LEDs per headlight) illuminate the road and the surrounding area to a completely new level and therefore improve comfort and safety.


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Post by SandLake »

I see that the IQ.LIGHT - HD matrix headlamps are actually an upgrade. If you don't specify that upgrade do you still get matrix headflights (as in my 2020 MKII SEL)?
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Not matrix, but Match and above get enhanced LED lights with dynamic cornering lights, dynamic range control and highway lights plus auto main beam. Entry and Life get a mire basic LED headlight. Not driven at night yet so can't comment on how good the lights are on the Match. The Match and above also get IQ rear lights. What is odd is that on the Elegance and R-Line the upgrade to IQ is only about £550, but not the Match it is over £2k, yet what is shown as being part of the package is already standard on the Match. Wonder if it is an error on the website
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I drove the car for the first time at night yesterday and all I can say is WOW! If this how the enhanced LED lights perform, it was almost like driving in daylight and that was without main beam coming on) then the Matrix lights would need to be truly special to justify the extra cost. The lights created an almost 180 degree spread in front of the car, lighting up the verges really well. So much so I had to check this morning in an underground car park that the dynamic cornering lights were working as I could not tell last night (they were!)
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I specced IQ matrix on my previous facelift R Line as factory option and thought they were really good. My new launch edition has the IQ matrix included and I'm very impressed with them, project Lane feature and the quick response to mask out vehicles etc really good, it's a shame it's such an expensive extra if not Elegance or R Line
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Not had a chance to drive mine in the dark yet but had the IQ matrix on my last Tiguan 2 rline and the were very good , new Tiguan 3 rline has more pixels so should be better 👍
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